I video di lilla

venerdì 16 ottobre 2009

Diamo i numeri con "Amore di Uncinetto"...

--- -----
...Ed aiutiamo Dany a mandare un bel pacco ai suoi piccoli protetti... Oltre a poter vincere tre bellissimi premi!
Forza, che i numeri sono solo 90!!!!

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  1. It was a little diffucult to understand the translation, so I didn´t really understand what to do! Maybe I understand more after I have read som of the comments later. Have a nice weekend!

  2. Ciao Lilla, grazie per l'aiuto che mi stadi dando per la lotteria...... Gira email a tuoi conoscenti, il pacco per i miei amici africani è pronto da spedire...... Buona Giornata

  3. @Anna-Karin.
    I know that the Google translation it's very different from the really meaning of our posts: it needs a good fantasy to understand the right content...
    By the way, Dany sells the 90 numbers of a national game called "Lotto", to do charity work for african children. When the numbers will be drawn on television program, the first,the second and the third number drawn will receive a prize done by Dany. Each number costs € 1,50.
    Hope I was able to explain all things...
    Thanks for your visit. lilla